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At Boughton Dermatology, we provide excellence in every aspect of medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatologic care. As a result, we only employ board-certified dermatologists. To us, “Excellence” refers to delivering the highest quality of individualized dermatology care and cosmetic surgery in a safe, effective, and technologically innovative way. Whether you are seeking medical or surgical help for rosacea, varicose veins, psoriasis, acne, hair and nail diseases, or skin cancer, count on us for the best treatment. When you are in need of red face treatment, age spot removal, wrinkle treatment, laser hair removal, or varicose vein treatment, we are here to help you achieve your ultimate goal. Radiant skin is even toned, unblemished and fresh-appearing. Beautiful skin makes you look healthy and feel confident. With the wide range of cosmetic procedures and skin products currently available, men and women can have better skin at any age.

“Our doctors always say the difficulty for consumers is wading through the numerous choices and finding the best treatment plan to suit your needs". At our office, we can help you sort through all the available alternatives to identify what treatments really work and which are really best for your skin type and your lifestyle. We have seen patients who have spent hundreds of dollars on creams and treatments, for example, for dry skin who really have a medical skin condition that responded easily to a prescription medication. A dermatologist is a specialist in the care of skin and we care about skin.

The consequences of neglecting your body’s largest organ, your skin, has a lasting effect on your life. For example, the implications of sun-bathing in your youth may not be evident for many years but can result in premature aging of your skin and will dramatically increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer. To find out more about safe guarding your skin please contact our office. We are a professional and caring dermatology center serving the San Diego area.